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German decision on collective redress

Börries Ahrens, Charles Balmain, Markus Burianski, Markus Langen, Axel Schulz, Justus Herrlinger, and Lars Teigelack. White & Case Client Alert, March 2015

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Cartel Damage Claims, a Belgian SPV for the collection of follow-on damages in antitrust litigation, has lost an appeal against six members of the so-called German cement cartel. On 18 February 2015, the Higher Regional Court of Düsseldorf upheld a judgment of the Regional Court of Düsseldorf1 dismissing CDC’s multi-million euro claim against six companies involved in the German cement cartel as inadmissible due to lack of sufficient funding. The case received widespread attention because CDC is an attempt by cartel victims to overcome the lack of “real” class actions in Germany and other Member States.

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