«Having served as a member of the panel bestowing the 2014 Concurrences Awards for excellence in antitrust writing, I was very pleased to find the submissions ranged from the merely good to the truly outstanding. These awards have surely made antitrust academics and practitioners more alert to the value of writing well, with attention not only to substantive analysis but also to clarity and economy of presentation. Our field is blessed with an erudite academy and an intellectually sophisticated bar; the Concurrences Awards bring out the best in both.» Douglas H. Ginsburg, George Mason University (2014)

«It was a great pleasure to be part of the 2014 Antitrust Writing Awards Board. The Awards really matter because competition law is experiencing a dynamic development worldwide and the Awards highlight the valuable insights and findings of the international antitrust community.» Andreas Mundt, Bundeskartellamt (2014)

«The Antitrust Writing Awards are a unique opportunity to read some of the best academic and business articles of the year. I thoroughly enjoyed the different perspectives on antitrust that each article provided, as well as the well-crafted arguments put forward by their talented writers.» Alexander Italianer, European Commission (2013)

«By recognizing superior writing in academia and practice, the Antitrust Writing Awards enhance the indispensable intellectual infrastructure of our field.» William E. Kovacic, George Washington University (2013)

«I truly enjoyed taking part in the 2013 Antitrust Writing Awards, which serves an important function in helping promote quality articles in the antitrust field. It is also an illustration of the cooperation at play between antitrust publications to ensure the greatest circulation of academic and professional expertise.» Bruno Lasserre, French Competition Authority (2013)

«The Antitrust Writing Awards are the right event, on the right issue, at the right time. I thank George Washington University Law School and the Institute of Competition Law for launching this initiative.» Frédéric Jenny, OECD Competition Committee (2015)

«These Awards recognize excellence in antitrust writing, and we expect over time they will have a real impact on the way agencies and practitioners think about competition matter around the world.» Jon Leibowitz, US Federal Trade Commission (2012)

Academic Steering Committee

«The 2014 Antitrust Writing Awards were a wonderful celebration of the extremely high calibre of antitrust scholarship around the world. Competition policy, law and enforcement worldwide is greatly enriched by the quality of the research that was evidenced in the papers reviewed for the Awards. It was a great pleasure to be involved.» Caron Beaton-Wells, University of Melbourne Law School (2014)

«These awards have come to play a very important role in encouraging and rewarding quality writing about competition law! They have helped to spread competition law insights and knowledge throughout the world. I and many others are very grateful that they exist and that they are so effective.» David Gerber, Kent College of Law (2015)

«The Antitrust Writing Awards are a great service to the antitrust community. By collecting the best writing in the field of both practitioners and academics, the Writing Awards create a one-stop shop that saves tremendous amounts of time, keeps readers fully cognizant of the best new work, and provides recognition to those who make the effort to share their expertise with antitrust lawyers across the globe.» Clifford A. Jones, University of Florida Levin College of Law (2014)

«The writing awards showcase works that push the boundaries of academic and practitioner knowledge. These works will be cited by courts and agencies and will help top shape antitrust/competition policy going forward.» D. Daniel Sokol, University of Minnesota Law School (2015)

«The awards ceremony was a rewarding event in more ways than one. It was a pleasure to see these outstanding authors from all over the world and to hear a synthesis of their work which has contributed so much to the law and it’s practice.» Eleanor Fox, New York University School of Law (2013)

«There is a great deal of writing in the area of antitrust, ranging from lengthy scholarly articles to short, timely notes on key cases. The Antitrust Writing Awards uniquely embrace and celebrate that scope for the benefit of all workers in the field.» Janusz A. Ordover, New York University (2012)

«The Antitrust Writing Awards are an exciting celebration of the excellent research undertaken in the area of competition policy.» Andreas Stephan, University of East Anglia (2012)

Business Steering Committee

«It was my pleasure to serve on the Business Steering Committee this year. The Antitrust Writing Awards showcase the very best in antitrust writing over the past year, and participating in this process helps keep me updated on developing enforcement trends in the fast-pace and ever expanding world of antitrust and competition law.» Charles Webb, Walmart (2015)

«The Antitrust Writing Awards provide a vital forum for the validation and recognition of thought-leading scholarship. They accompany and consecrate the rising prominence and impact of competition law on the global economy.» Paul Andres, Nestlé (2013)

«The quality and conciseness of the Business Articles, as well as the experience and knowledge which their authors are sharing, are of great use to corporate lawyers.» Jean-Yves Art, Microsoft (2013)

«The Antitrust Writing Awards bring together the Academic and the Business world from many countries, contribute to a better understanding of other legal cultures and thereby promote the global development of Competition law.» Olaf Christiansen, Bertelsmann (2013)

"The Antitrust Writing Awards are a welcome addition to the antitrust community because they reward excellence among the many practical articles of use to antitrust counselors.» Steve Cernak, General Motors (2012)

«I commend the organisers for recognizing professional writing as a specific category. This initiative will, I hope, increase the quality and depth of such writing to provide the practical complement to academic articles.» Mathew Heim, Qualcomm (2015)

«What I found to be most encouraging about the Antitrust Writing Awards is that they value – and hopefully incent — short-form articles that offer important information and practical advice for antitrust practitioners.» Deborah Majoras, Procter & Gamble (2012)

Sponsors, Winners & Guests

«Many thanks to Concurrence and its distinguished board for recognizing practical pieces as well academic articles on competition law and policy. I was very pleased and surprised that my article on global antitrust compliance was selected in the Cross Border business category. In this particularly challenging and ever changing area, we all have much to learn as we seek to understand and comply with the competition laws of other countries entering the global arena.» Roxane C. Busey, Baker & McKenzie (2015)

«The jury reviewed and selected a great number of publications with real diligence. This not only rewards the authors, but also is very helpful for practitioners, because it highlights the most interesting and influential papers from an increasing flood of publications that is more and more difficult to follow. We were honoured to receive an award for our firm’s alert memoranda and for several articles authored by lawyers from our firm, and we are grateful to Concurrences for this excellent initiative.» Maurits Dolmans, Cleary Gottlieb Steen & Hamilton (2015)

«Gets you educated on cutting-edge issues and offers the best networking event of the antitrust spring meeting – I never miss it!» In-house Antitrust Counsel, DC (2015)

«Law professors so often write without any meaningful feedback or hearing only from those who disagree with them (to be sure, in the spirit of healthy debate). To have our work not only recognized, but recognized by board members whose work we respect so much and by institutions with so much credibility, is a rare and delightful treat.» Robert Lande, University of Baltimore and Joshua Davis, University of San Francisco School of Law (2014)

«The Awards celebrate excellence in an area that clients find important and where most competition lawyers practice every day: explaining in plain language what the law is and where it is – or should be – heading.» Steve Cernak, Schiff Hardin (2014)

«The Concurrences writing awards highlight outstanding work by practitioners in the area of competition law and policy and shed valuable light on ’cutting edge’ topics.» Alden Abbott, RIM (2013)

«The Antitrust Writing Awards represent a perfect mix of academic and business writing and set the scene for a valuable exchange among all players in the antitrust arena.»
Anna Rosa Cosi, SanDisk (2013)

«As sponsors as well as participants, we are delighted to play an active role in raising the bar of antitrust scholarship and the quality of client publications across the legal community.» Olivier Fréget, Allen & Overy (2013)

«We are pleased with the significant contribution that the Antitrust Writing Awards program makes to the development and promotion of antitrust scholarship and practical business literature.» J. Mark Gidley, White & Case (2013)

«I greatly value seeing the list of articles nominated for a Concurrences award each year because it invariably brings to my attention some excellent pieces I would otherwise have missed.» Douglas H. Ginsburg, New York University (2013)

«It was an honor to have our paper reviewed and considered by such a distinguished panel of luminaries, with such leading thinkers in both Europe and the United States. The concept of encouraging excellence in both academic and more practical writings on competition is an excellent one, and Concurrences has done a remarkable job in creating a process for doing so.» Jonathan M. Jacobson, Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati (2013)

«The Antitrust Writing Awards represent a unique initiative to reward pure and applied research in antitrust. Academics and practitioners making valuable contributions to the literature see their names recognised and their work publicized. On a personal front, I have enjoyed reading some of the papers that were selected this year, most of which I would have overlooked absent this initiative.» Atilano Jorge Padilla, Compass Lexecon (2013)

«I greatly appreciate our receiving this award, and the dinner was a great opportunity to meet and talk with other practitioners and government enforcement officials.»
Scott P. Perlman, Mayer Brown (2013)

«This is a great event promoting antitrust scholarship around the world.» Hans Zenger, CRA (2013)