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New Chinese Rules on Abusing IPRs:What Does It Mean for the Exercise of IPRs after the Qualcomm Case?

Zhaofeng Zhou, 38 World Competition: Law and Economics Review 597, 2015

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The adoption of the Abusing IPR Rules is a milestone in the development of China’s antitrust history due to the complexity of the IPR/antitrust interface and the profound impact that the Abusing IPR Rules will have on the IPR sector. Nevertheless, there are currently no articles which comprehensively explain and examine the Abusing IPR Rules. This article first explores the background of the adoption of the Abusing IPR Rules. Then, it examines the key provisions by comparing the relevant rules/guidance in the EU and US. Finally, it concludes that companies both international and domestic must make sure their competition compliance program updated and their business practice complied with Abusing IPR Rules.

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