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Parallel imports: An overview of EU and national case law

Ingrid Vandenborre and Nick Wolfe, e-Competitions, n° 73444, June 4, 2015

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Since the last special edition of e-Competitions on restrictions of parallel trade, there have been a number of national competition authority cases in the good old familiar sectors – for example the automotive or fast moving consumer goods sectors. Where the foreword to the last special edition remarked that national authorities seemed at times to be taking a permissive approach to limitations to parallel trade by the standards of the European Commission, enforcement in recent years has shown a more stringent approach towards restrictions on parallel imports. However, issues surrounding restrictions of parallel trade have recently risen to the forefront of the EU Commission’s agenda tackling the challenges posed by the increasing importance of digital commerce. And it would seem only appropriate to say a few words on those in what has been one of the first digital EU competition law magazines

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