Elżbieta Głowicka

Dr Elżbieta Głowicka joined E.CA Economics in October 2013 after six years on the Chief Economist Team in DG Competition, European Commission. She has extensive experience in the application of qualitative and quantitative economic analysis in the context of European competition policy. She provided expert economic advice in major mergers like Sony/BMG, SanofiAventis/Zentiva, Statoil/ConocoPhilips, Syngenta/Monsanto. She contributed economic evidence to the pharmaceutical sector enquiry and several antitrust cases in the pharmaceutical and cement industry. Finally, Elżbieta advised in cases concerning R&D&I and in environmental and regional State aid. Elżbieta Głowicka holds a doctoral degree from Humboldt University for the thesis on competition policy applied to bailouts.

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