Nina MacPherson

Business Steering Committee

Nina Macpherson, General Counsel for Ericsson, has led the company’s global legal affairs division since January 1, 2011. In addition to these duties, Macpherson is Secretary to the Board of Directors for Ericsson and is a member of the Swedish Association of Listed Companies. She is also a member of the Swedish Securities Council. Macpherson joined Ericsson in 1996. Since then, she has led projects ranging from helping affected European operations at Ericsson to convert to the euro in 2000; managing the company’s new issue of shares in 2002; and overseeing the change in the relationship between Ericsson’s Class A and B shares to diminish the difference in voting rights associated with the two classes of shares. She became Deputy Head of Group Function Legal Affairs in April 2010 and was promoted eight months later to lead a group of about 200 lawyers and other legal specialists working for Ericsson around the globe. From 2007 she held the position of Vice President, Head of General Counsel’s Office and before that she was Vice President, Corporate Governance and Antitrust Law. Prior to joining Ericsson, Macpherson worked as an in-house lawyer and legal advisor to various shipping companies and as a corporate lawyer with a Swedish law firm. She holds a Master of Law degree from Stockholm University.

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