Tilman Makatsch

Business Steering Committee

Dr. Tilman Makatsch is responsible for Deutsche Bahn AG’s matters involving antitrust damages. He heads a highly specialized six-member unit, which prepares claims of Deutsche Bahn against cartel members suppliers and interspersed within the Group Legal Department. His scope of duties includes, inter alia, Monitoring of antitrust investigations, fact-finding (including data and document management), damage calculation, extrajudicial and judicial enforcement of claims, settlement negotiations and accompanied by legislative and legal developments. He is currently responsible for about 20 antitrust damages cases with considerable amounts involved, 10 of them in 6 jurisdictions are pending before the court. Before he moved to Deutsche Bahn in 2008, he worked as a senior manager in the regulatory management of Deutsche Telekom for four years. Previously, he worked for two years as an attorney. Dr. Makatsch studied in Frankfurt and Leicester (UK) and his legal clerkship, inter alia, completed in Brussels, Cape Town and Frankfurt.

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